RAM (Memory)

Random Access Memory (RAM)

This is temporary storage within your computer this is NOT the same as your Hard Drive.  RAM is temporary/fast storage used to improve the performance of your computer.  You should have at least 4GB of RAM in your computer, it is recommended that you have 8 or 16GB for most computers.  More RAM does NOT always mean improved performance, your computer will only use the amount of RAM it needs.  So if you already have 8GB of RAM in your computer and use your computer for running one or two basic applications at a time, increasing to 16GB will have no improvement in performance.  There are rare instances where more RAM will make a difference, examples would be servers or running graphics intensive applications like Games or Graphic design.

Graphical Memory

As well as system memory for applications and operating system, there is a secondary memory used by your graphics card (note all computers have a graphic card this may be built into the system or may be a separate card.)  This graphic memory may be shared through the standard application memory or it may be part of the graphic card.  If shared, when using graphic intensive applications you may have less available application memory.  In this instance a new graphic card that uses it’s own internal memory is recommended.  These addon graphic cards can be anywhere from $30.00 – $3000.00.  Use case will decide what type you need, again a $3000.00 card will not necessarily be better then a $30.00 card in regards to money spent.  If your computer is used to access websites and do word processing you don’t need anything too special.